Why Would A Bodybuilder Want To Lie About Being Natural?

Melle Mel shares his opinion on why a bodybuilder would take steroids but claim to be all natural.

In the bodybuilding world, there are occasional athletes with impressive and massive physiques who claim to be all natural. When this happens, immediate rumors begin to circulate that the bodybuilder is a liar. While no real investigations take place regarding this – the reputation sticks. According to the public, if you look impressive enough, there’s no way you can be an all natural bodybuilder. But in a sport where steroids are widely accepted by fans, why would a bodybuilder even want to lie about it in the first place? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Melle Mel shares his thoughts as to why a bodybuilder would lie about being natural.

Melle Mel may not be a competitive bodybuilder but he certainly lives the bodybuilding lifestyle. Since he has no desire to compete, he maintains a completely natural lifestyle when it comes to building muscle. Of course, there are always fans who don’t believe him based on the size of his muscle and physique.

That’s why during our recent video conversation, we asked Melle Mel why a bodybuilder would even want to lie about being all natural. What could possibly be the benefit of pretending to be a natural athlete in a sport where PEDs are mostly accepted by fans?

Melle Mel believes that it’s simply a psychological response to using powerful drugs as “help.” Basically, he thinks that some bodybuilders are simply ashamed to admit that they turned to steroids in order to build muscle faster and larger. So long as they deny it, there will always be doubt, even if most believe the person is a liar. That doubt means that no one can prove they “cheated” for better results.

Check out our latest GI Exclusive segment with Melle Mel above!

Mell Mel relates it to a man using Viagra or some other erectile dysfunction medication. If a person needs to result to using Viagra, they will most likely not admit it. There’s a shame to getting help to further improve sexual performance. Or to admit that your genitalia is not working as it should. It’s part of the perceived masculinity that most men grow up being told they need to attain.

Of course, there are also more logistical reasons why an athlete might lie about being natural. If a bodybuilder is sponsored by a big company, admitting to steroid use might affect their bottom line. The image connected to steroid use can hurt big brands. That can break sponsorships. So from a pure business perspective, it’s best for an athlete to stay mum on the subject.

You can watch Melle Mel go into more detail about his natural bodybuilding regimen and why he thinks bodybuilders would lie about steroid use. Check it out in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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