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BATAVIA — The YMCA has new equipment some of which its members were able to start using this afternoon, some Friday.

“We’re replacing all our spinning cycle bikes with brand new bikes, state-of-the-art. We got 15 brand-new bikes today,” GLOW YMCA Genesee County branch Executive Director Jeff Townsend said today. “We also replaced half of our Wellness Center cardio equipment, which we do every three years. Today’s investment is about a $90,000 investment in new cardio equipment for our members.

YMCA staff members were cleaning the new spinning cycle bikes, which are upstairs in an exercise room. There was more new cardio equipment downstairs in the Wellness Center.

“Downstairs, we’ve got new recumbent bikes, which are great for our senior members or any of our members that have some kind of injury they’re rehabbing or disability,” Townsend said. “We also replace our Expresso bikes, which are digital-ride bikes. Those are great for folks who want to mentally tie into their bike ride, as opposed to just staring at a TV or staring at the wall. Additionally, we replaced seven ellipticals downstairs, which is another piece of equipment which is kind of diverse in the cardio world. It allows people the option to either step, climb, glide, slide, so the movements of your legs can be in multiple, different positions.”

The executive director said the Y did not replace its treadmills today.

“We replaced those three years ago and they’re in great shape. We wanted to make sure we gave our members and the community enough new equipment to get us through until the new Y is built in the next couple of years,” he said, referring to plans for the Healthy Living Campus project. “When that happens, we’ll replace all of that equipment. This equipment that won’t be that old will probably get handed down to one of our other local branches.”

Townsend said the Wellness Center equipment would be ready this afternoon and the spinning cycle bikes Friday.

“Our first cycle class is tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.,” he said. “We offer nine cycle classes a week for people who are looking for an indoor ride. The cycle classes are instructor-led, set to music. You just basically decide what is the level of resistance that fits your need.”

Upstairs in the exercise room, Christina Weston, group exercise instructor and Wellness Center personal trainer, said she was excited to see the new equipment.

“I think the members are going to be excited to be on the new bikes, especially with the weather changing in the next couple of months and people coming in from their outdoor riding,” Weston said.

“Every three years, we replace different pieces of cardio equipment,” she said.

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