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BATAVIA — With tanned triceps bulging beneath a bright turquoise tank emblazoned with “Whole Life Fitness,” Jessica Pratt maneuvered through hugs, handshakes and a massive red ribbon around noon on Saturday, a wide smile on her face and — at one point or another — a set of dumbbells in her hands.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, tears and more tears,” Pratt said of the grand opening of Whole Life, an expanded, renamed and relocated fitness facility that builds upon the former Batavia Cross Training’s offerings and makes use of a once-vacant building on East Main Street in the city. “We were able to completely renovate this space in just eight weeks.”

But blood, sweat and tears are nothing new for the fitness guru, who has been hard at work in helping members of the local community find health and happiness by getting their bodies moving through high-intensity movements and exercises meant to get the heart pumping and increase flexibility and mobility. With new space, Pratt has been afforded the chance to further her dreams, and to help others get a little bit closer to achieving their own.

“We were able to expand over here into a full fitness center,” said Pratt. “Before it was just group training, no access, and now it’s full access to all of these machines almost 24/7. It’s awesome.”

The 7,500-square-foot facility, with fresh coats of paint, the introduction of impact-resistant flooring and the importation of dozens of pieces of high-quality fitness equipment, from stationary bikes to benches, stairmasters and climbing ropes, has transformed itself into a place of welcoming. Wifi and a cozy, accessible waiting area, along with a space where members can purchase supplements and other gym-related merchandise, mark themselves among just some of the many new amenities offered.

“It’s really amazing what we’ve been able to do,” Pratt said. “We have the best community ever.”

The strength-based gym will still offer the cross training classes for which Pratt and her team of coaches have become known, but will also provide patrons a chance to test out new activities and classes, like boot camp, cycling and Zumba. Additionally, personal trainers are available to those seeking more individualized attention in meeting their fitness goals.

Thus far, the new space has been well-received by locals.

“We were able to open on July 1, get the kinks worked out, and now here we are,” Pratt said. “People are loving it. We love being on this side of town.”

As official ceremonies got underway just around noon, Steven Falitico, the membership development director for the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce, couldn’t help but offer up a bit of praise for the new establishment.

“Jess Pratt is a fantastic chamber member,” Falitico said. “She’s been a chamber member since she opened Batavia Cross Training in 2015, and has just been so involved in the local community. We love members who do that because it just shows how connected everything is — local businesses are what help our communities go.”

Pratt, he explained, received Special Service Recognition of the Year in 2017 for her commitment and dedication to the larger community.

And in the new space, she said she hopes to continue much of the same, devoting herself to a mission of helping members achieve their goals and ensuring a welcoming, friendly, comfortable and fun environment for all.

“Thank you guys for always supporting me, even when I’m tired and grumpy,” Pratt said, wielding a massive pair of scissors that would soon usher in a new era of fitness. “This place did come together in eight weeks, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.”

Whole Life Fitness is located at 624 E. Main St. and is open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Membership pricing and information is available by visiting the business on Facebook and Instagram, by calling (585) 813-2369 or by heading to its website:

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