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Shenandoah County Public Schools announced the recipients of the 2019 Moore grants this week.

The Moore Grants funded seven projects totaling $140,709.

“The Moore Grants promote innovation and opportunities for teachers to pursue avenues that otherwise might not be able to funded,” said Shenandoah County Public Schools Superintendent Mark Johnston.

The Moore grants can also be used as seed money for teachers to explore ideas and possibly expand on them.

“We are very fortunate for the Moore Trust and all the charitable trusts,” Johnston said.

The Moore projects come from the Moore Education Trust. Upon her death in 2002, Helen Moore, a Strasburg resident, left her more than $3 million estate to benefit students in the county schools. Each year the interest from the trust is awarded to teachers and teacher groups.

Projects funded by the 2018-2019 Moore Grant Awards include:

Triplett Tech

Project: “MAC” the Bus — A mobile access to careers bus.

Believing it is important for all students in all grades to be exposed to the different career clusters at Triplett Tech, school officials applied for a Moore Grant that would pay to turn an old school bus into a career bus to promote career education courses to elementary school students, said Triplett Tech Principal Connie Pangle. The bus will use hands-on activities and virtual simulations.

“This will bring hands-on career exploration into the schools,” Pangle said.

The school’s request was fully funded at $27,234.

Stonewall Jackson High School

Project: Creating a career-ready student in a 3-D world.

Using headsets in a virtual reality program called Oculus Rift, students can immerse themselves in teachable environments, according to a prepared statement from the school division. Sensors read their body and hand movements as they move, and students will be able to virtually explore things like traveling through a body, building an engine and driving a forklift, according to a news release. The project was fully funded at $21,300.

W.W. Robinson Elementary School

Project: Integrative STEM education inquiry lab

This project will provide the resources for students in Pre-K through Grade 5 to use technology that solves problems. This project was fully funded at $1,795.

W.W. Robinson Elementary School

Project: School courtyard

This project began with a six-week-long collaborative design process that involved the principal, a local landscape architect and 15 fifth-grade students, said W.W. Robinson Principal Jennifer Proctor. The project will promote creative thinking, math, and problem-solving while encouraging collaboration among students, who helped create design ideas for the improvement of the existing courtyard. The project also introduced the field of landscape architecture to the students.

“The kids are so excited,” said Proctor.

Once completed, the space can be used as a small classroom or a quiet reading space, she added.

This project was fully funded at $38,500.

Massanutten Regional Governor’s School

Project: Watershed Assessment through Testing, Education, and Research.

The WATER Project will allow students to collect water quality data across a range of streams in several watersheds, according to the news release.

This project will provide water quality data and data access for county school teachers and students for tributaries of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. This project was partially funded at $10,459.16

Ashby Lee Elementary and Southern Campus Schools

Project: The reality of learning — virtual and augmented.

This project uses virtual reality and augmented reality with the existing curriculum to explore places like museums, underwater and outer space as well as career opportunities and 3D representations of objects. This project was fully funded at $27,800.

Strasburg High School

Project: Recording studio

The Strasburg Music Department will be installing a recording studio so that the to provide the division can publish online content for the department and students, according to the news release. This project was fully funded at $13,620.

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