No drinking water, poor sanitation irk workers at Autonagar | Vijayawa…

VIJAYAWADA: Poor sanitation and piles of garbage in streets are worrying the industries at Jawahar Autonagar Industrial Area Local Authority (IALA). The drains are filled with industrial wastes and the groundwater is polluted with plastics there, while VMC stalled drinking water supply some months ago.

Difference between the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) and IALA authorities became dreadful for the labourers working in small and medium scale industries. The VMC, which is implementing door to door segregated garbage collection and other measures to improve sanitation, ignored Autonagar.

“We cannot see proper dumper bins in Autonagar and we are dumping garbage on streets. But the sanitation workers of IALA used to burn the garbage, which is causing severe inconvenience. They used to clean streets once in a week and we can see garbage and dust everywhere,” said Ajnayeulu K who works in a truck body building unit.

The civic body pressurized the IALA to pay their share of taxes.

Safe drinking water supply was stalled some months ago and workers have no other option than drink bore water, which is unfit for consumption.

“Groundwater in Autonagar is not fit for drinking and we are not getting municipal water, though we have connections. The VMC and IALA are blaming each other and workers are the ultimate sufferers,” said Sk Mathan Babu, a welder.

City mayor Koneru Sridhar said that VMC will soon release the drinking water to the IALA as around 2 lakh workers are employed in various industries there.

IALA board says that VMC authorities earlier demanded them to pay full taxes to handle sanitation. They hoped that new commissioner Rama Rao will find a solution for the issue.

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