New bike park promotes road safety

WINDSOR, Wis. (WMTV) — With school back in session, local officials in the Village of Windsor are working to keep kids safe on the road as they walk or bike to class.

A new area at Village of Windsor Community Park imitates the signs and traffic flows kids might encounter.

James Moe has lived in Windsor all his life, and he said he has never seen anything like the new design.

“When I was a kid, you rode your bike, you rode it across the street, you rode in the middle of the street, whatever, it didn’t matter,” Moe said.

However, Moe has kids of his own now, an 8-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son, and he wants to make sure they are safe.

“Kids learning to ride bikes obviously don’t know how traffic works and how drivers think,” he said.

Moe plans to bring his kids to the new bike playground at Windsor’s Community Park to teach them about how to be aware and safe on the road.

“Where they live, it’s a really, really busy road, so a place like this, you can come and ride and not have to worry about cars going by at 50-something miles an hour,” Moe said.

The playground opened in August 2019. The village hopes families and parents like Moe can use it to teach their children the rules of the road.

“When they do get to be teenagers and they start taking drivers education, they already know some of the thought processes behind the signs,” said Bob Wipperfurth, Village of Windsor president.

However, the park’s design is not just about rules for bikes and cars. The park also has sidewalks and several pedestrian crosswalks so kids can learn how to safely cross the road on foot.

Moe said safety is a big factor, but it is not the only reason he thinks the park is useful for kids.

“It helps keep them off tablets and from sitting in front of the TV,” he said.

That is one of the reasons the village designed the bike playground and other areas in the park.

“I think the goal is to get kids more energized, get them out, get them some exercise and also with the other elements in the park, it draws families in, and one of the goals that we’re always working on in Windsor is to get people talking with one another,” Wipperfurth said.

Moe said he is glad the village is creating spaces kids and families can enjoy and use to make their community safe.

“The more aware kids are, the better, the safer it is for everyone,” he said.

Parts of the Community Park are still under construction, but Wipperfurth said he has already heard from other families excited to use the bike playground.

The park will have a grand opening in the summer of 2020.

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