Mel B Gives Spice Girls Fans a Front-Row Seat for Her Insane Workout

She may be known as Scary Spice, but Melanie “Mel B” Brown is quickly earning the title of Sporty Spice. After belting it out on stage with her former Spice Girls band members earlier this year, the singer is keeping herself busy, this time by getting sweaty at home with intense workouts. On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to give fans a front row seat to her insane fitness regimen, which includes plenty of work on an exercise bike.

“Day 9 of my workout made myself do an hr on the spin bike using crazy resistance yassss,” Brown captioned the video, which was shared with her more than 1.5 million Instagram followers. “thank god for my dramatic ‘ power play’ music blasting threw my headphones 20miles=33km COME ON.”

In the video, Brown, wearing purple sports bra that puts her abs on full display, is seen cycling and jokingly sticking her tongue out for the camera, the phrases “work work work,” “happy place,” and “let’s do this” written overtop the clip.

The video drew plenty of reactions from fans, many taking to the comments section of Brown’s post to gush over her determination.

“Yass! Get it gurl,” one fan wrote.

“Lol I admire your determination. I couldn’t last that long doing it on my own I’d have to have someone to do it with me,” another commented.

“That woman doesn’t age. If anything she is aging backwards,” a third added.

“Good for you.. never stop, you look amazing!!!” wrote another.

“Any tips for someone who loves food but hated exercise?” one asked.

In recent months, Brown hasn’t shied away from flaunting her chiseled figure and giving fans an up-close look at how she achieves it. Earlier this week, the Spice Girls member, 44, again took to social media to open up about her most recent workout.

“Today was a tough one day 5 workout I thought putting my workout clothes on first thing on a morning would help motive me to workout,” she wrote. “dragged myself to the gym at 8pm haha but I got there 20min interval running/walking 2 miles 15min interval on the bike 4miles yessss short workout but I did it and with a sauna suit on ‘get in’ oh and 100 sit ups boom.”

The post drew plenty of praise, with one fan writing, “the most important is that you went!”


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