Local Startup Kuna Fitness Debuts Revolutionary Personal Training

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Kuna Fit Matches Consumers with Personal Trainers to Facilitate Successful Fitness Journeys

CHICAGO (January 4, 2021) – Local startup Kuna Fitness Inc., announced today its official launch with the rollout of its website. Often referred to as Kuna Fit, the cutting-edge platform pairs clients with like-minded personal trainers who create monthly personalized fitness plans and hold them accountable along their fitness journeys.

“Working with a personal trainer who gets you is one of the key factors to a successful client/trainer relationship,” says Ryan Lasure, Founder & CEO of Kuna Fit. “Fitness is intimidating for many people. We find that clients reach their goals fastest when they feel connected to their trainer. Our team stays in frequent contact with each client, so they are supported and held accountable to reaching their goals.”

Kuna Fit is different than other fitness services and apps. Unlike a marketplace with endless providers, Kuna Fit directly interviews and hires each trainer, ensuring a high quality experience tailored to each client. Prior to its launch, the Kuna Fit team spent hundreds of hours interviewing clients and trainers to better understand the pain points of personal training. The research was clear – clients are more likely to succeed when they have a personalized program to follow when training on their own, as well as an open line of communication to keep them accountable and engaged.

Once matched with a trainer, each Kuna Fit client receives monthly personalized programming and a customer success number they can text at any time with questions or feedback.

“COVID-19 has greatly disrupted the fitness industry. Fitness studios are closing, gyms are experiencing a decline in memberships, clients have mixed feelings about training in larger crowds and Personal Trainers are not seeing the same client traffic coming through the doors,” said Lasure. “As scary as it may seem, launching a fitness company during the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the best decisions we made. Kuna Fit has the opportunity to provide a high-quality and safe training experience, away from the masses of typical gym settings. Our clients love the flexibility of working out at home, outdoors, private gyms and over live video.”

Kuna Fit is now live and invites everybody to begin their fitness journey. Visit www.kuna.fit to be introduced to your personal trainer and start training today.

More about Kuna Fit

Kuna Fitness, Inc. is a digital fitness platform dedicated to creating successful personalized fitness experiences for both clients and trainers. The Kuna Fit team brings over two decades of experience from multiple sectors of the fitness industry. Founder and CEO Ryan Lasure is a former fitness instructor of 12 years, and has successfully led sales teams in the tech sector working with F500 corporate clients. Prior to Kuna Fit, co-founder Des Ebel served fitness and wellness companies in a variety of roles including corporate strategy, finance, branding and marketing.


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