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BOZEMAN- With gyms, pools, and yoga studios closed due to the coronavirus and the kids home its time to get creative with workouts so that kids aren’t in front of the iPad all day.

Julianna Dorvall a personal trainer in Bozeman says there are ways to have home modified workouts with no equipment while having fun with the kids at the same time. 

Dorvall says you have to have an open mind, with everything going on in the world giving the kids something to focus on every single day is going to have a positive impact in their life.

Have two different 45-minute time increments slotted before lunch and after lunch for physical exercise.

20 jumping jacks, 15 push-ups and five laps around the backyard are a great way to start and slowly build on that each day.

Dorvall says if things are not going so hot with getting the kids just to do push-ups and setups… make it a game.

“There are so many fun things you can do, I think a little friendly challenge is awesome-  plank challenge, crunch challenge, a push-up challenge we all like competition,” Dorvall said. 

Use a fitness chart and as they win a challenge let them cash in at the end of the week on a prize. Maybe it’s a little extra screen time over the weekend or a fun Friday snack.

Dorvall adds with everything going on a fitness competition internally within the family will help keep the kid’s mind off of the uncertainty.  It gives them something to look forward to and it gives them something to focus on. 

Now if you’re a parent at home with no workout equipment and need some hacks about how to get a workout in Dorvall has some suggestions for you. 

We don’t look at our homes as gyms but Dorvall says with a change of perception your living room could be a great brand-new home gym. 

“Staying active is so important even when you’re at home,” Dorvall said, “so take advantage of what you have at home you can use beans, water jugs, stairs, chairs ..and just remember any activity is good activity even if it’s not at the gym.”

So start with some jumping jacks while holding a can of beans or a jug of water. Then use your stairs, five minutes of stair pushup, stair lunges, and stair climbing. 

Chair cardio workouts are incredibly simple and great for ab workouts, you can do chair jumping jacks, leg lifts and twists and chair sit setups.

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