‘Do not be afraid to change’ | 23-year-old ex-felon launches business …

WASHINGTON — Would you take the fall for someone you love? A D.C. woman spent 14 months in jail for a crime she did not commit to help her father.  

Now, Brittney Floyd is using what she learned to help others. 

Floyd is in a returning citizens entrepreneurship program at Georgetown University. She attends classes on campus, interns at The Correctional Information Center and then spends the rest of her time building her brand and business at Georgetown’s Venture lab at We Work in downtown D.C.  

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“I always tell people take your medicine, know your medicine,” she explained. “Know your triggers, know what it’s like to live. Some people are like ‘I would die for my kids, I would die for my family, I would die for my work,’ what’s it look like to live for your work, live for your family?”

It’s been long journey. Floyd served 14 months in jail as a high school senior. She pleaded guilty to a drug charge just to keep her dad from a lifetime behind bars.  

“I was my own poison at times,” she said.  

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Her healing process started with a circle of support. She found that in the W.I.R.E., “Women Involved in Re-Entry Efforts.  “

I didn’t want to be a stereotype.I didn’t’ want to be someone who lives in D.C. but doesn’t understand what’s happening on the Hill,” Floyd said.  

Now, Floyd along with her business partner James West have launched the Missing Piece DC. It’s an effort to bring jobs, education and access to marginalized communities first through support and self-love: the piece that Brittney finally found and wants to share with others.  

“Do not be afraid to change,” she said. “Be the change you know you need and step out on faith and go.”

In honor of Women’s Month, Missing Piece will be hosting a screening of “The Work:” A film about circle therapy inside of a max prison in Folsom California.

The film will be screened Tuesday, March 5th from 6-8 p.m. at Public Welfare Foundation 1200 U Street NW.

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