A tribute to our new fitness icon and her ironclad abs

Kate Beckinsale’s body is banging.

It’s easy to be envious, but if you follow her on Instagram you can see just how hard she works for it.

The 46-year-old English actress has the kind of physique women half her age would envy, and she’s honest enough to show us that she puts in the hard yards rather than just nonchalantly attributing it to good genes.

In her latest video, she demonstrated that she really does have abs of steel with doing upside down sit-ups.

Perched on top of a punching bag, which also works her inner thighs, she leans back into air and uses her abs to pull herself up again.

“There’s one corner of @gunnarfitness gym that is,forever, England. This is not it,” she wrote in the caption.

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Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is known for being tough on his famous clients.

He previously told Us Weekly that he prioritises compound moves. But rather than the standard double, he’s all about the triple. This basically means an upper body move that flows into a lower body one and finished off with abs, either a crunch or standing movement with band or cable.

“She alternates between big lower body movements and upper body movements [like] pull-ups and push-ups,” Peterson said.

Then comes the core: “It may be a reverse crunch, a side hip bridge or a cable rotation followed by a quick, high-intensity burst for 15-120 seconds. Then we repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat!”


But it’s not all weights and upside down sit-ups.

Beckinsale is also a yoga nut, according to her instructor Mandy Ingber.

“The yoga gives you the strength and muscle toning without the sort of overly worked out look, which I think is sort of why people come to me. Because of my clients — their bodies look naturally muscular but not overdeveloped. More like a dancer’s body,” she said.

Work out like Kate

Don’t have a punching bag at home that you can casually do sit-ups on? No worries. Gunnar Peterson developed an at-home routine that Beckinsale follows when she can’t make it to the gym.

Get yourself a mat, a set of dumbbells and get ready to sweat.

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